'In Partnership'

At Xton Construction Group we take an 'In Partnership' approach to construction, utilising our wealth of experience and construction knowledge to first understand your requirements and recognise them, and to complement every stage of a project; Feasibility – Concept – Construction – Handover

Crane lifting a beam over a warehouse renovation


Our Services

Principle Contractor, turn key projects, value and cost planning, fitout and refurbishment, construction, construction management

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Our Flexibility

Xton has the capability and flexibility to deliver our services in whichever format best suits the client & their particular project: GMP, Fixed Lump Sum, Design & Construct, Construction Management



Our Experience

Xton’s complete project services ensure the best possible results for each client. We have a wealth of experience in operations in both occupied and vacant environments. Our ethos 'In Partnership' has allowed us to build a strong reputation for a high level of customer service, performance and satisfaction amongst our existing clients.



Our Resources

Xton only engages quality qualified licenced subcontractors and consultants with years of proven track records. We have an existing poll of contractors, consultants and suppliers, some of whom we have had working relationships with for over 15 years, who operate in line with Xton policies and procedures. As a mid-tier size company, we pride ourselves on being more flexible, responsive, personable, open and easier to communicate with than the larger companies in this industry.